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Welcome to my digital portfolio!

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My name is Odd Steen and I am a researcher and teacher at the Department of informatics. The department is a part of Lund School of Economics and Management at Lund University. Lund University is located in the south of Sweden and was founded in 1666 and has roughly 40 000 students.

Besides being a researcher and teacher, I have been the Director of Studies for the basic and advanced education during 2002-2005 and 2008-2011, vice Head of Department during 2010-2011, and Director of the Bachelor Programme in Design of Information Systems during 2008-2011.

In my portfolio you will find stuff about my past and present research as well as about my teaching career and pedagogical work here at the department.


During my years at the department I am or have been a participant in three research projects. You can read more about these on my research page.


Pedagogical work

During my time here at the department I have been involved in several projects to renew our education programmes and pedagogy.

If you want to read more about this, follow the link to my  education and pedagogy page. (But it is in Swedish)



I have worked as a teacher at the department since 1994. As a PhD student I had approximately between 20 and 40 %, as a senior lecturer 70 %, and as Director of Studies up to 30 % teaching. I have tought at every level below PhD education. You will find more about my Teaching here.